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Meet the Gods


Artemis is Goddess of the hunt, and helper of childbirth. Protector of the wild and savior of maidens. Maidens are unmarried girls. In percy jackson she held the sky to save the daughter of Athena. She wanted to protect girls because she got a bad impression on the male gender with Apollo not shutting up for seven months while their mother was pregnant. Artemis is the best archer in the world. While her brother is god of archery, she spends her days actually practicing with the arrow while her brother is flirting and skinning satyrs for playing good music. Shooting from miles away, she and her followers sprint through the forest, shooting monsters and saving maidens from men who are grossly annoying.


Hestia, eldest of the gods, is the warmest of the gods and would do anything to prevent a war. In the Trojan war she was most likely away crying in the hearth. She was warm because of how kind and welcoming she was, like Amphitrite. Now that I think about it, they probably got along very well.

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